Theoretical Ultra-Cold Atoms

Dr. M.Reza Bakhtiari


Time: Thu 10:15-11-45 @ Bibliothek AP & Fri 10:15-11:45 @ SemRm5


Refs (Books):

·        Bose-Einstein Condensation by Pitaevskii and Stringari

·        Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Gases by Pethick and Smith

·        Quantum Liquids: Bose Condensation and Cooper Pairing in Condensed-Matter Systems by Leggett

·        Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices: Simulating quantum many-body systems by Lewenstein, Sanpera and Ahufinger


Other useful materials:

·        Ketterle’s Rev: Bosonic gas & Fermionic gas, Review by Bloch, Dalibard, Zwerger

·        Extra (audio and video): Nobel lectures 2001 and 2003

·        Theory of Quantum Liquids: Superfluid Bose Liquids by Nozieres and Pines

·        Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids: Volume 3 - Normal, Broken-Symmetry, and Correlated Systems by J.Solyom

·        Condensed Matter Field Theory by Altland and Simons

·        lecture note on Theory of Superconductivity by Carsten Timm  

·        Many-Body Physics by Pier Coleman (access on his webpage is limited now)

·         The BCS-BEC crossover and the unitary fermi gas Edit by W. Zwerger ( access via Uni-Hamburg Lib)

Lecture Notes: will be added

Exercises: will be added

Useful materials:

·        Superfluidity: Superfluidity history , Feynman SF , Observation of lambda transition in cold gases & commentary explanation on the experiment , Observation of second sound in cold gases , Measurement of superfluid flow in BEC , Measurement of BEC excitation , Observation of vortex in BEC , Youtube excellent video on superfluidity!

·        Feshbach Resonance: essay by Wilczek --  first observation + commentary + why SF creeps?  

·        Optical Lattices: Greiner Q&ABloch Rev (Nature physics)

·        Bose-Hubbard model and SF-Mott transition: Theory Proposal (Zoller’s group)Experiment (Greiner 2002) + commentarywedding cake structure of Mott shellsin-situ Mott domaindetail investigation of temperature effectZwerger’s rev on BH modelA.Georges noteA.Georges and T.Giamarchi note  -- Hubbard Toolbox 

·        Polaron observations (related to electron-phonon interaction in BCS): InnsbruckMITCambridge +  Commentary

·        First observation of Fermi degenerate gas

·        Review on Cooling in optical lattices

·        Pairing Gap in Fermi Gases: original theory proposal + first observation + theory related to the observation   Rev on RF-Spectroscopy

·        observation of Fermionic Mott transition: Bloch’s group -- Esslinger’s group

·        Quantum Magnetism : Exp on Stoner Ferromagnetism + commentaryobservation of 2nd order tunnelingobservation of superexchange interactions (theory proposal) – Ising chain with cold atomsQuantum magnetism with 2-component Bosons  

·        Last Review on QMC for cold gases  DMFT lecture notes by D. Vollhardt 

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